Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big Five Personality Test

Hullooooooo my friends!
In my psychology class the other day, we had to take a personality test.  I love learning about my personality and this one kind of surprised me.  It's called The Big Five Personality Test and measure five things - Extroversion, Emotional Stability, Orderliness, Accomodation, and Intellect.

My type was SLOAI, with my primary type being Organized.  So here's what it means:

Extroversion |||||||||||||||| 70%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 72%
Emotional Stability |||||||||| 36%
Accommodation |||||||||||||| 52%
Inquisitiveness |||||||||||| 50%

Extroversion results were high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Orderliness results were high which suggests you are overly organized, neat, structured and restrained at the expense too often of flexibility, variety, spontaneity, and fun.
Emotional Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and anxious.
Accommodation results were medium which suggests you are moderately kind natured, trusting, and helpful while still maintaining your own interests.
Inquisitiveness results were medium which suggests you are moderately intellectual, curious, and imaginative.

Here are my key words: "open, organized, asks lots of questions, outgoing, prone to panic, easily hurt, narcissistic, detail oriented, concerned about others, the first to act, believes children need firm discipline, finishes most things they start, comfortable around others, upset by the misfortunes of strangers, socially skilled, compliments others frequently, interested in people, busy, interested in the problems of others, tense, physically affectionate, overly nice, likes to lead, generous, in touch with feelings, not afraid to draw attention to self, manipulative, prone to jealousy, worrying, easily excited, motivated by a desire for acclaim, prone to addiction, frequently driven to impress others, passionate about causes, swayed by emotions, curious, anxious, passionate about bettering the world's condition, stressed, keeps spaces clean, believes in human goodness, well informed, thoughtful, assertive, fears doing the wrong thing, rushed."

You can read more about the key here.

I was actually surprised that I got so high in Extroversion, especially since I consider myself an introvert.  But I guess because I don't really mind being the center of attention, and because I talk all the time, that put me in the extrovert category because other people might feel really uncomfortable.  I think overall, however, this result described me pretty well. :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts!

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven't been posting lately.  I have some posts in drafts, but nothing I really wanted to post right away.  I just haven't felt like updating lately because I've been busy with other hobbies, but keep checking back to the site.  Thank you, followers! Have a nice weekend! :D ♥

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If You Met Me

I so took this from Nela haha.
If you met me I would be smiling and laughing in no time.
If you met me you would notice that I look young for my age but I'm really mature.  People say I have an old soul.

If you met me I would talk your head off but I wouldn't give much information about my personal life because I'm a pretty private person.

If you met me you would see that my best and really only friend is my older sister.  We have so much in common (in addition to being related!) and I don't know many people in my town who have the same standards, morals, and interests as us.  She's the best! :D

If you met me I would try to make you feel very comfortable.

If you met me I would ask you what music you liked and then recommend you a bunch of songs.

If you met me you would see how close I am to my whole family.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Currently Reading...Bleak House by Charles Dickens

I'm reading the Signet Classics version, but it doesn't say 150th Anniversary Edition on mine.  I don't know if there is any difference though.

Currently reading: Bleak House by Charles Dickens
Author: Charles Dickens

Written: Between 1852 and 1853 in 20 monthly installments.

Reason: I really like most of the Dickens books that I read, and my sister has been wanting me to read this one.  Since winter break is coming up and school is starting to slow down for me, I thought this would be the perfect time for me to read it.
Chapters read so far: 1 - 6.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughts: Confidence

Today my loves we are talking about confidence.
Talking about confidence can be scary, I know.  A lot of people have so many insecurities that trying to be confident can actually be just another insecurity for them.  However, confidence is something you need to grasp a hold of as soon as you can.  It can take a while to build confidence, but as long as you're working on it that's what matters.  I know a lot of people do posts or videos about confidence (confidence, confidence, confidence - I'm going to be saying this word so much lol), so I want to give you the Lydia outlook on it. :)

1.  Identify what you are insecure about.  For most girls, and some guys even, it's outward attractiveness that gets them the most upset about themselves.  For others, it's something about themselves like not being very outgoing or feeling that they come across as too overbearing.  Whatever it is, WRITE THAT SUCKER DOWN.  Admit to yourself, "Yeah.  This is something I feel really insecure about and consider one of my flaws."  Own it girl, own it.

2. Pick some things that you like about yourself.  It may only be one thing, but choose it.  Your hair color, your personality, your eyes, your little toe's nail, whatever.  Write down some things that you like about yourself.

3. Now go back to what you are insecure about and find something about that insecurity that you can be confident in.  For example, say you are insecure about your ears.  Say something to yourself like, "Yep, I'm insecure about my ears because I think they are too big.  But I'm confident about the fact that I'm a really good listener with them."  See?  Now you have something about them that you like.  You can go on to name the things about your ears that you are thankful for, too.  "I'm thankful that I have ears.  I'm thankful that I'm not deaf.  I'm thankful that I have long hair to cover them if I want."  Also remember that as far as outward appearances go, people see you as a whole, not a bunch of parts (or they shouldn't - if they do they're really weird o.O).  Remind yourself that body parts serve a function greater than just being the prettiest - they're for eating, hearing, talking, smelling, seeing, touching, walking, holding, etc.

After you've done that last step for everything you are insecure about, you'll actually find that a lot of the things you are insecure about are pretty insignificant and you may actually begin to LIKE that unique characteristic.  And even if you are still convinced that what you are insecure about is ugly or whatever, you'll have to admit that there are a lot more good things about that flaw than there are bad.  I'm going to do another post dedicated to haters (hey y'all ;D), so keep an eye out for that.

How do you stay confident?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some recent Tumblr likes.

Hola!  I wanted to let everyone know that I created a new Tumblr.  It's the same URL (you can visit it HERE) but it's got new content and everything. :)  In this post I also wanted to share some of the photos that I liked on my Tumblr dashboard but didn't actually reblog.  Most of it is fashion and makeup related (and also mostly Korean because...well....I really like their fashion and makeup).  Enjoy! ^_^

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cute/Ulzzang Eyeshadow

A few weeks ago I wanted to do a cute, everyday makeup look.  I looked up some tutorials on YouTube to get some ideas, and here's what I came up with!

1. First, put on all your face makeup.  Use a brighter pink colored blush for your cheeks.  I used Tarte's Glisten for mine.

2.  Take a little bit of a brownish/orange color and cover your whole eyelid.  I used Shimmering Gold by Tarte, which isn't nearly as gold as it sounds like.

3.  Use a brown eyeliner pencil and line your upper lash line, winging it out quite a bit until it reaches your last eyelash.  Bring the wing down to your lower lash line and line your lower lash line half way.  Blend the lines with a brush to make it softer and more sweet.  If you have black hair with tan skin, you could use a black eye pencil but brown looks good on fair skin, light hair, etc.

4. Take a light sparkly/shimmery champagne or other light color and line your inner tear duct.  Line the rest of your lower lash line with this color.

5.  Finish off the look with a berry red lipstick color.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Dress Ideas From Shabby Apple!

Okay.  This is what happens when you are listening to "The Importance of Being Idle" by Oasis when you are publishing a post early in the morning.
I wanted to give some ideas on outfits you could wear this holiday season. All of these are are women's dresses from Shabby Apple and can be bought at the site, which you can get to by clicking the previous link. :)

Friday, November 23, 2012


 So I've been working on arranging "One Thing" by One Direction to sound like an old, classical music piece.  Although it sounds easy, it is SO HARD.  Here's some things I learned though:
  First, you need to right down like, every note you like as soon as you come up with it.  I mean seriously.  If you do not - YOU WILL FORGET IT I SWEAR.
  Secondly, it's like time completely speeds up when I'm working on it.  It will be maybe 1:30, and then all of a sudden an hour has passed.  It's crazy.  Oemjeeee.
  Thirdly, it's really, really fun!  I wasn't so sure how hard it would be, but I actually like playing stuff that I come up with myself because it feels more personal and interesting.
  Okay so today is Thanksgiving!  And although I will probably post this tomorrow, I thought you guys should know that I am chilling hardcore in my sweatpants and cozy green sweater, watching the dog show.  Earlier I had me a piece of a cranberry/pumpkin loaf that reminds me so much of the holidays it's sick.  Also, I will be making my famous cranberry sauce in a few minutes to go with the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and chicken we will be feasting on later (yes, we eat chicken for Thanksgiving - it tastes better!!).
  It's soooo nice being on Thanksgiving break!  College life is busy busy.  Whoever said online classes were easier - LIED.  Ohhh but I do like online classes.  I DON'T GOTS TO GO NO PLACE.

Okay so I was just wondering - do you guys like these kind of rambling, personal posts?  Let me know in the comments! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random quiz time!

Don't remember her lol.  Seems semi-acurate, though. :)

By the way, I probably will not be posting much this week because it's Thanksgiving and I'm going to be busy, but hopefully I'll work on some posts for next week.  Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Tell me your results!

Friday, November 16, 2012

This week: One Direction, piano, so much school.

~ I feel like I've been kind of absent mentally here, even though I've been posting everyday.  Sorry about that!  I've just kind of had a lot on my plate.  Thanksgiving break is coming up next week, and I'm trying to finish all of my assignments this week so that I don't have anything hanging over me like an old dead goose when I'm trying to stuff myself. ;)  But anyway - I hope you guys are enjoying the things I have been posting about.  I'd also really like your requests, so if you have a post you'd like me to do, please let me know in the comments!

~ I'm thinking about arranging certain modern songs on the piano to sound like pieces from the Classical or Romantic periods.  Would you guys be interested in me posting sheet music of that if I decide to do it?  I'm thinking about starting with "One Thing" by One Direction, because it has such a nice melody.

~ I've been reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell foreverrrrr.  I'm really enjoying it, but by the time I get done with school I don't really want to read anything else.

~ I'm trying to learn how to paint my nails perfectly.  I have really small nails though, so it's  hard lol.

I'd love to hear about your week!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fake Bangs + Messy Bun

Hello my sweets.  This is just a quick hairstyle I wore recently as a change to the messy bun.  I don't have side bangs, but I faked some.  I'll show you how!

1. First, part your hair as if you had side bangs.  It's easiest to do with a comb, and you can see how I kind of did it in the last picture.

2.  Next, leave your faux bangs hanging in your face, and pull the rest of your hair back into a high ponytail.  You could leave it this way, but for a messy bun don't pull it completely through the last time, creating a loop.  Pin this loop into a bun on your head.

3. Now, take your section of side bangs, and pin it behind your ear.  If you have layers, you will probably only need one or two pins.  If you don't have layers (like me), pin the section behind your ear and then kind of pull it up into your messy bun and pin it.

And that's it!  You could add a head bang, some accessories like hair clips or flowers, too.  This is just a little more polished messy bun look. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thoughts: No makeup

I'm going to be honest: I like makeup, but I am getting kind of obsessive over it.
Should I wear eyeshadow today?
Should I just wear mascara?
Is it weird to be wearing makeup even when I'm at home?
Do I look too young without makeup?
Does pink or red lipstick look better today?
Would a boy think I'm pretty without makeup?
Should I wear only this colored eyeshadow, or add this color too?
Is this coraly pink color or red-ish color blush a better look on me?
Should I contour my face?
Does this makeup make me look older?
And the list goes on.
Like I said, I really like makeup.  I like watching videos of makeup tutorials to try out on myself, and then coming up with my own creations.  I even like the act of putting on makeup because it's fun to see the transformation.  But seriously - I am getting too involved with it.  It is getting to the point where I can barely go a day without eyeshadow and the whole nine yards or else I feel kind of self-conscious.  So I've decided to give myself a challenge - I'm going to stop wearing makeup until I feel comfortable enough to go places without it on and feel confident in my natural, God-given beauty.  Now I'm not saying I'm going to go cold turkey.  For right now, I'm just not going to wear makeup at home but maybe add some eyeliner/mascara when I go out.  But eventually, I'm going to be able to wear no makeup and feel just as good about myself as if I had it on.  I know a lot of girls who don't wear makeup, actually.  In fact, I didn't wear much myself until last year (when I discovered eyeliner to completely surround my eyes) and this summer (when I started using eyeshadow).  So it's not like it's alien to me.  It's just...I need a break.  Everything is good in moderation, and I am becoming a makeup glutton. 

Do you feel confident without makeup?

Monday, November 12, 2012

INPINK Bangles Review

Recently, I won some bangles from Jeans and a Teacup. They came from INPINK,  and they are so pretty!  I loved the packaging - the bright pink with the little beads was a really nice touch.  The bracelets themselves are a little big for me, because I have a really small wrist, but they work super well over a sweater.  You should out check out INPINK. 30% off sitewide + free gift card equal to savings on original order for use on future purchases. (excludes nail polish and gift cards) Code: INPINKBLACK30: valid: 11/23-26, 2012


Friday, November 9, 2012

October Favorites 2012

Sorry this is kind of late!  I've been so busy with exams that I hadn't gotten a chance to  categorize my favorites of October.  It's not a very good variety (all makeup), but I think you'll enjoy it. ;)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Currently Reading...Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (Final Review)

  As I have stated over and over again, I first read Gone With the Wind when I was 12 or 13 (I've actually forgotten - isn't that the  mark of being old?).  I remember I thought it was absolutely well written, extremely long, romantic, and even a little scandalous to my then unworldly mind (sometimes I wish I didn't know as much as I did. >:/ )  I had been wanting to reread the story at my then mature age of 17, so when I discovered Fanda's read along for the book, I decided to dive in.  I will also warn you that the following review has some spoilers like my updates for this story.  Just thought I'd let you know! :)

  Gone With the Wind was first started in 1926 when Margaret Mitchell was bored during convalescence after an auto-crash.  She wrote the final moments of the book at the very beginning, and then built off that.  After an editor saw her work and found it to be a great story, it was published in 1936. It went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award.  Of course it also was made into an award winning film staring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Sparkly Nails Tutorial

Who doesn't want super sparkly adorable nails?  You could buy a glitter nail polish, but for lots of sparkle these polishes will be less than satisfactory.  For the upcoming holiday parties you might be attending, or if (like me) you just got bored and wanted a change, follow my easy-peasy steps below.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Casual and Comfy OOTD

Casual Saturday Wear

  Hello my lovelies!  Today I thought I'd share an outfit idea based on what  I wore this past Saturday.  I wanted to throw on something casual that I could lounge around in.  Call me high maintenance or whatever, but I also wanted to look cute (okay, c'mon, who doesn't?!).  So I threw on a green sweater that was semi-off both shoulders (it's cold here in the south), some sweatpants, some socks, and of course my hair was put into a messy bun.  I kept my makeup simple - just a little bit of foundation, blush, mascara, and eyeliner only on my upper lashline.   I've been looking online forever on a way to look cute, comfortable, and without looking like you obviously tried to hard.  I was never able to find something, so I did it on my own. ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Battle of the Boots Part Two: Tall Boots

This is the second and final part of Battle of the Boots (you see part one here).  Until this year, tall boots were the only type of boots I wore.  I really like them with pants tucked in and that's how I generally wear them.  The picture of Cameron Diaz is an example of a perfect way to wear them (and may I say, I think her whole outfit is really classy?).  I also like them with socks, but I've never worn them that way.  Below are some cool photos. :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Leibster Award One! :)

Soooo I've been tagged in a few things recently, consisting of two Leibster awards and a question tag.  I'm going to post the first Leibster award here.  Thanks Emily! :)

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions that the nominator set for you, plus create 11 questions for the people you've nominated to answer.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag backs. 
11 Things about me:

1. I'm an introvert.
2. I don't like pineapple.
3. Owl City is my favorite musician.
4. I like to drive around kind of aimlessly and just think.
5. I love photography, but I don't have an expensive camera.
6. I'm staying pure until marriage.
7. I voted for the first time a few days ago!
8. I have a cherry red laptop.
9. I like the smell of books.
10. I don't like superficial people.
11. I look young for my age.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Currently Reading...Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (Part Four)

Part Three:  A lot of random stuff happens in this part, which I had completely forgotten.  Scarlett does desperate things in an attempt to pay the taxes on Tara, and becomes even more and more unpopular with her friends.

   Will informs Scarlett that she must find some way to pay the taxes on Tara.  Scarlett has a talk with Ashley, and a lot of things are said that shouldn't have been.  Scarlett goes to Atlanta to find Rhett, knowing that she will do absolutely anything to get the money from him  When she finds Rhett, he is in jail, and he refuses to give her the money.  Scarlett meets Frank Kennedy on her way home, and Scarlett devises a way to marry him for his money regardless of her sister Suellen's feelings for him.  Distracted by Scarlett's feminine charms, Frank does indeed marry her.  Frank becomes sick with a cold, and Scarlett begins to check over the account of the shop he owns.  She sees that many customers have not paid their money,  so she takes over his business.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Battle of the Boots Part One: Ankle Boots

  It's time for Battle of the Boots!  In this first part we're going to start with ankle boots.  I don't really like this style with shorts - I like it with pants or leggings.  Above you can see the gorgeous Ms. Halle Berry sporting them just the way I like.  Below are some more cool pairs. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What do YOU guys want to see?

So apparently, my poll has decided not to work or show me any more results now.
Boo hiss.
Therefore I would LOVE if you guys could comment below with what you'd like to see most on my blog.  Would you like to see...

- Makeup
- Fashion
- Literature
- Music
- Photography
- Discussion about issues
- My life
- Reviews (on products, music, etc.)
- Tutorials (makeup, fashion, photography, etc.)
- Religion
- Other (let me know what you'd like!)

You can definitely choose more than one! Thank you guys so much for keeping up with the blog and following.  :)

Comment below with what you'd like to see on the blog!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts: Let's not hate on other girls.

   It's amazing what happens in people's lives to make them who they are.

   Recently, I saw an interview with Rihanna and Oprah (which you probably have all seen), and Rihanna says she is still in love with Chris Brown.  She says she felt so bad because she had lost a best friend, and that he would need her because everyone felt like he was the villain and nobody else would help him.  We all have to remember that Chris Brown beat Rihanna up a while back, and no matter what she did or didn't do, she did not (and nobody) deserves that treatment.

  I had never liked Rihanna.  I felt her music perpetuated dangerous sexual scenarios, was vulgar and degrading to women (not freeing), encouraged girls to act like an object men could use the way they want, and told girls that abusive relationships and hooking up were things that didn't need much thought after all.  I thought she talked, dressed, and danced inappropriately.  To be honest, I still feel this way. But I didn't even feel that sorry for her because I thought it was all just a show and a way to make money at the expense of young girls.

  In that Oprah interview, though, I saw someone different.  I didn't see this hardcore "I can do anything a boy can do" sexualized Rihanna.  I saw a hurt, used, sad, confused little girl.  I saw someone who is broken like everyone else.  She didn't turn into the girl in her music videos overnight.  Ribanna went through whatever she did as a child and young adult to become the person who didn't see her value, didn't see her real God-given beauty, didn't see the type of man she should be with and almost got killed because of it.

  I think as girls, we need to stop being such haters.  Girls are the way the are because of the experiences that happened to them.  The person you see on the outside is probably very different from the person on the inside.  It doesn't mean you have to like what they do or even the person them self, but don't be mean to them.  Don't say things in anger and jealousy.  Just smile at them, pray for them, and ask yourself, "I wonder what she went through?"

Have you ever had an eye-opening experience about someone?

P.S. Are the results for the poll on the left showing up for you guys?  I know that they had been working yesterday when I checked so it may just be a fluke.

Picture from 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ask Me Anything! - Answers

  For what it's worth, that ^ is supposed to be from a Never Shout Never song, but the lyrics are actually "looking for some answers, in a world that answers none of them at all".  Derp.  BUT I am back to answer the questions people asked me in this post that I actually posted the beginning of October.  Anyway, here we go!

Aidyl Ewoh asked, "What is your favorite month of the year? Why? What is your favorite season? Why?"
  My favorite month of the year is probably May because it is starting to get warm, it's really pretty, and school usually lets out for me at that time.  My favorite season, though, is fall because it's cool and comfortable, and it's the season my birthday is in.

Marian asked, "Favorite place to shop? Favorite Owl City song? :)"

  Those are hard ones!  My favorite place to shop, specifically for clothes, would probably have to be Forever 21 or Kohls.  You can get a lot of relatively inexpensive items (especially pieces to layer) that are pretty good quality.  My favorite Owl City song is REALLY hard to answer.  It use to be "Fireflies", but since I got The Midsummer Station there are a lot of songs I like on it.  I think "Dementia" is probably my favorite one now. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Everyday Eyeshadow

  Eyeshadow seems really complicated, and sometimes is only worn on special occassions because not everyone knows how to wear it so that it doesn't look to fancy for school or work.  The eyeshadow in the above picture is a very simple look for your eyes that you can wear everyday.  Combining neutral colored eyeshadows, this quick and easy look adds just the right amount of togetherness and practicality.  Read below to see how to do it. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Progress on the blog!

~ Hey guys!   I'm so happy for autumn to be here, seriously. ♥
~ As you can see, Eternal Simplicity has a new layout.  I hope you guys like it!  I wanted to keep it simple, but give it a little more flare.  I'm thinking about changing a few things (like the headers for "Labels" and "Popular This Week"), but otherwise it is pretty much done.
~ I added a poll, too, in the left sidebar that I would SO like you guys to vote on.  That would be awesome.
~ I wanted to thank all of the followers I've gotten the last few months.  The blog is growing quickly, and I have only my fans to thank. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

College fashion...for guys!

  The other day I was checking my statistics, and I saw where someone had searched "college fashion for guys" and somehow ended up on my page.  I got to thinking that I often discuss girls' fashion, but what about all those boys out there that aren't sure how they should dress?  Especially for school?  Well I want to give some tips to all you college fellows out there (and probably some high school guys, too) in case you aren't sure what the best thing to where is.  The picture above shows casual on the left, and more formal on the right.  These are two REALLY good images that you can draw inspiration from.  You guys need to be comfortable first, fashionable second.  Comfy (IRONED) t-shirts, jeans, jackets, hats like beanies or fedoras, and sneakers or work boots are probably your best options.  Avoid sweatpants, as these can look a little too casual on guys.  Make sure everything is washed, ironed, free of stains and smelling nice as these are really the most important things for guys.  You don't have to worry about makeup, so all of the above and making sure you and your clothes are clean is really key.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Currently Reading...Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (Part Three)

Part Three: In this part of the story, Scarlett has to take on much more responsibility because of the war.  Her headstrong ways and committed spirit have made everyone look up to her and, though glimpses of the old Scarlett shine through, this new no-nonsense version dominates.

Part Three shows the effects that the war is having on Atlanta, where Scarlett is staying alone with a pregnant Melanie after Pittypat flees the area.  Scarlett is relieved that Prissy, her slave, has knowledge of "birthing babies" since Melanie tells them she is sure the baby will be coming any day now.  But, when the baby is due and Melanie is struggling to stay alive, Prissy reveals that she really knows nothing about it, and Scarlett rushes to find Dr. Meade.  Dr. Meade, however, is busy with   tons of wounded soldiers and sends her away.  Scarlett herself, with the unhelpful aid of Prissy, delivers Melanie's baby.  Rhett helps the women, the baby, and Wade escape a burning Atlanta to Tara, where Scarlett's mother and sister's are sick and there is no telling whether or not the Yankees have burned the house at Tara to the ground.  Rhett leaves Scarlett on her own awhile into the trip because he is going to join the military, and, through many dangers and terror, Scarlett arrives safely at Tara to find her mother has died, her father is going crazy, and the whole place is in shambles though their house has survived everything.

  Scarlett learns how to overcome pride, learns how to make money, murders a Yankee soldier and hides him with the help of Melanie, and also meets a new friend named Will Benteen, a wounded soldier who stays with them and helps on the plantation while falling in love with Scarlett's sister Careen.  At the end of Part Three, Will is sitting on the ground holding onto Scarlett's skirt, keeping her from running to Ashley when Ashley arrives home from the war.  He says "After all, he's her husband, ain't he?", and Scarlett knows that he has figured out everything about her feelings for Melanie's husband through his quiet, soft spoken ways.

  This was a really interesting part, I thought.  Scarlett seems to grow a lot, and actually has to take responsibility for others as much as herself.  I love Will - I think he's a great character, though I'm sorry to say I'd forgotten about him since the first time I read it.  I've already started on Part Four, but I think Part Three was a lot better.

Picture from Google Images.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ready or Not || Guest post by Brooklyn

  I don’t like talking in front of people. I don’t get where I am going to vomit when I get in front of people, but I still don’t like it. My voice gets really shaky when I read aloud a long bible verse. I often times go completely blank in the middle of a prayer. But what I have come to realize is the more you try, the better it gets. It becomes easier. Last summer I went to church camp for a week. When we got back our youth leaders asked us to get up and tell about our experience. They said we didn’t have too, but I felt like I needed too. I then for a solid week straight sat in my room and practiced what I was going to say. When the Sunday night came we all walked up on stage and sat where the choir would normally sit. A few people went and then it was my turn. With butterflies in my stomach I got up, grabbed the microphone and started. And then all of a sudden, I went completely blank.  So I repeated my last sentence thinking surely it would come to me. But again blank. I froze, looked down at my paper that I had written and found my spot. I finished very quickly from there and walked back to my seat. And guess what I did? I cried. I couldn’t hold back the tears. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Martin and James || Guest post by Vanessa

Hey guys,

today I'm going to blog about my favourite band.

This is the way I would say hi to my readers. But you probably wonder who I am - I am a guest blogger on this wonderful blog. 

My name is Vanessa, my blog is called house in the sand. And it's my baby. I started this blog about 8 months ago and I am really happy about how it turned out to be. My house in the sand got it's name from a song - my favourite song from my favourite band, the band I am going to tell you about.

This band is called Martin and James - and you can probably tell by the name that it involves two guys - Martin and James. Martin Kelly and James O'Neill to be exact. 

They are from Glasgow, Scottland but are currently living in Berlin, Germany.

Two guys - that you be a band?! That's probably what you're thinking right now - isn't it a duo then? No, Martin and James are a band. They play guitar, piano, drums, harmonica and percussions. Alright, maybe tons of people know how to play lots of instruments, right? But Martin and James sometimes even play 3 instruments at one time. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

September Favorites 2012 ♥

Welllll since my birthday was in September, a LOT of my favorite items that I received in September were from that day.  So you saw a lot of those in my Birthday Haul post.  However, there IS one item that you didn't see, so I'll list that one first and then go on to describe the presents I got for my birthday. :)

Jason's Aloe Vera Oil
For like, no apparent reason my hair gets super dry (especially at the ends) and tends to react like blond hair, even though it's brown.  I usually have to do an oil treatment...gosh...nearly every time I wash my hair.  My hair is even so dry that I don't have to wash it everyday.  This aloe vera oil has been working super well for me lately.  It's very thick, but I put it on before I go to bed the night before I take my shower and it totally moisturizes my hair and leaves it feeling smooth.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Who Would Like to Guest Post for Me? ♥

Hi guys!  I'm going to be like, SUPER busy next week and I was wondering if some of you would be willing to guest post for me?  I need at least SEVEN people to help me. 

Topics you can choose from:
- Fashion
- Makeup
- Inspirational
- Photography (you could post your photos)
- Literature
- Reviews
- Music
- Tutorial
- Other

So please leave a comment below with your email or email me (at if you're interested. Let me know what topic you'd like to write about, too, and I can give you an idea on what I'm looking for!  If you have no particular topic you'd like to write about, that's okay, too.  I can assign you one.  Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thoughts: Beauty posts should build confidence.

  I've been doing a lot of beauty/fashion posts lately, and there was something I thought I better clear up.  When I talk about makeup, hairstyles, accessories, shoes, or the latest "in" top, I want you guys to realize I'm not saying buying this is "necessary" or will make you pretty. I don't ever want to make anybody on my blog feel bad - I want to help build confidence. 
  If I've gotten an expensive bag or ring for my birthday, it's not a way of bragging and saying "Look what I have that you'll never have".  You don't have to wear "exactly" what I wear. You don't even have to really like fashion!  You might just like the photos I post.  Whatever you like, the posts I make about what I wear or what I've bought are supposed to give you ideas - whether you can buy a thousand of the items I have, or never will be able to afford that exact piece.  It's supposed to inspire you in your own style and in the places you shop.  

  I'm also thinking about doing makeup posts later on.  However, please don't feel like you're less than if you don't like to wear makeup.  Makeup is supposed to accentuate what you have.  It's not supposed to create a "Lydia-like" mask.  I like wearing makeup because it makes me feel more girly and put together.  But  that's not to say that I'm suggesting you will only look pretty if you wear it or you will only attract boys if you wear a specific lipstick.  I'm not suggesting you "sexualize" yourself so others will like you.  You're beautiful with and without makeup.  If you like yourself better without it, please by all means never wear it! 

   Makeup and fashion, for me, is fun.  It's a creative outlet.  It's a way of piecing different items together to create a pretty outfit, or using different eye shadows in pretty colors because it's fun.  I know I have readers from all over the world with all sorts of socio-economic backgrounds and esteem issues.  Please realize my beauty posts are for fun, and something you should use to make yourself feel confident - not to make you feel bad about yourself.  Please remember that life on this earth is not all about material things or about being the hottest person around.  You're a wonderful, perfect human being no matter what you are wearing or what your face looks like.

Why do you like/post about makeup and fashion?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ask me anything! ♥

Hey guys!  Since you all seemed pretty open to the idea of asking me questions, and since I've reached 102 followers, I thought I'd do a special post.  It's time for you to learn a little more about me. ;)  (^^That's me up there. Eyes.  Feet.  Mouth.  Hand. Yep lol.)

Here are the rules for asking me questions:
1. Post a comment below asking me your questions.  You can ask more than one!
2. You can literally ask me anything.  Ask me about fashion, beauty, photography, music, literature, my thoughts on a subject, my eye color, whatever you want!  :)
3. I'm going to leave this up for a few days at least.  I may do some posts in between, but you can ask me questions (on this post) up until I actually do the post answering them.  I'll try to answer all of them! 

Ask your questions about me in the comments section below!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

This week: Laptop, driving, being 18, future posts!

 ~ My laptop will not boot up. NOOO!  The rootkit and bootkit got deleted when my dad helped me run a program to get rid of a virus, and system restore want work either.  It's possible I might lose all my files on it if my dad has to do a clean re-installation of Windows7. :(  Needless to say I'm a very unhappy Lydia at the moment.  At least I learned my lesson - back up your files before trying to get rid of a virus!  I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.  Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem and still save my files?

~ I love driving.  Like seriously.  I got my license this past Wednesday and I just LOVE driving around town and listening to my new Owl City and Cage the Elephant CDs.  It's so much fun.
~ My mom ordered some items from Ulta, which I helped pick out.  I'm getting all these great items and I can't WAIT to share that haul with you! :)

~ My hair has been super dry lately.  Anybody know a good leave in conditioner?

~ Being 18 is shaping up to be my favorite age ever.  It's been SUCH a cool week.  It's like nothing bothers me, I have this strange "what will happen will happen" attitude...I dunno.  I just really love it so far. ♥

~  I need to work on my September Favorites for you guys.  I have the list of items that made it to my faves in my head, but I actually haven't put any work into getting the post together.

~ I'm thinking about doing a post where you can leave me questions in the comments, and then I'll answer them.  Would you guys ask me questions if I did that kind of post?

Also, how was your week?

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Currently Reading...Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (Part Two)

Part Two: This update is way overdo lol.  Sorry it took so long!  And yes, I am using images from the movie version of the book because it has no illustrations.  Hope that's okay with everybody. ;)
  Part Two describes the realization Scarlett begins to have that she is no longer a damsel training to "catch" a husband.  No; she is a widow with a son.  Scarlett resents this fact, taking it out on Melanie and even her baby Wade.  She also behaves in ways that embarrass her family.  She sees the harsh reality of war and the terrible consequences it has on the families around her.  But Scarlett, being the self-centered belle she is, can only see her own petty problems.  Romance begins to bud between Rhett and her as well, and the forbidden romance between her and Ashley continues.

  I liked reading this part, but when I got about halfway through with it I remembered that I hadn't liked it as much as the first part (and still didn't).  I feel a little bit like Scarlett in the fact that reading about the ultra-Southern "party" times is more interesting than the war.  Also, as other school projects and responsibilities have doubled for me, I've had less time to read.  But I'm already on Part Three, which has presented plots I'd forgotten about.  Onward! :)

Picture from Google Images.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday Haul! ♥

Hey guys! So Sunday was  my 18th birthday.  I had a really great day spent with my family!  We went out to lunch at this little coffee house/bistro in my town (I got a mock chicken salad sandwich and some yummy veggies).  Later we had chocolate cupcakes, had pizza for dinner, and watched Mirror, Mirror.  In the morning though I got some gifts from my family and sister!  I wanted to share them with you here.  I might do a proper review on some of these items later on, so if you see any you are particularly interested in and would like for me to do a review, just leave a comment or send me an email! :)

I got two pretty rings.  One was this super cute owl ring.

The other one was this ring that has red sapphires, and a little diamond in the middle of the flower.  Both of these look really cute on.  The owl ring is really heavy actually, which I wasn't expecting.

I got three CDs for my birthday: Thank You, Happy Birthday, All Things Bright and Beautiful (which my parents actually gave me as an early gift), and The Midsummer Station.  These are SO good!  The one I have enjoyed the most was The Midsummer Station.  Everybody was saying it wasn't enough like Owl City's regular things, but I liked it a lot.