Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring 2012 Fashion: Color-blocking

     Glamour listed the runway's color-blocking fashion as one of Spring 2012's most wearable looks. Color-blocking seems pretty simple, right? Well, not always. Color-blocking has to be done carefully. You can't just throw all of your favorite colors together in one outfit, and call it gorgeous. But it's also not a way difficult look to achieve. Take a peek at the example I created below.

Spring Color Block

 Here I chose some complimentary bold colors, that I mixed and matched all through the ensemble.  Below are some tips to create your own fabulous look:
  1. I'd suggest picking two colors, and using variants of it throughout the outfit. In my example, I chose a bold coral and green/turquoise as my two statement pieces. Then I chose pink and orange for the belt and ring, and a soft blue for the shoes and bag.
  2. Don't add too many accessories. With color-blocking, the colors themselves are the main focal.
   3. Don't mix too many patterns - solids are best. One striped shirt or a lightly textured pant are okay; but save your florals, polka dots, and checked fabrics for another day.

  Next time you are in a fashion crisis, try digging in your closet and finding the bold colors in your wardrobe that you can put together for a fresh, new outfit. Easy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey guys!

I know I have not been on here in forever. But no, I'm not dead! I'm still up and kicking. But since I last posted, my spring semester for college started, and I've just been so busy with it. I plan on continuing this blog. I hope everyone is doing well! Look for more photos and interesting tidbits along the way. :)