Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Some recent Tumblr likes.

Hola!  I wanted to let everyone know that I created a new Tumblr.  It's the same URL (you can visit it HERE) but it's got new content and everything. :)  In this post I also wanted to share some of the photos that I liked on my Tumblr dashboard but didn't actually reblog.  Most of it is fashion and makeup related (and also mostly Korean because...well....I really like their fashion and makeup).  Enjoy! ^_^

I love hairstyles with bows. So feminine and pretty!

Isn't her hat so cute?

Some random eye candy. ;D

Loving the look of simple makeup right now.

Her sweater/scarf looks really cozy.

This makes me want to wear more dresses. <3

Tacky shorts but I really like her hair.


Chai Chen said...

Great picks Lydia! :)
Cute items indeed.

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Miss Elizabeth said...

I like these! Especially the hair on the last few pictures. My hair is really long and heavy so sometimes it's so hard to get it to go wavy. Trying to fix that... :D

Katherine said...

Cute pictures! =)

I'm having a Thanksgiving photo challenge if you are interested-

Nicoleta_B said...

So lovely pic ♥

Many kisses,


Milna Mandusic said...

Lovely pics!