Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Sparkly Nails Tutorial

Who doesn't want super sparkly adorable nails?  You could buy a glitter nail polish, but for lots of sparkle these polishes will be less than satisfactory.  For the upcoming holiday parties you might be attending, or if (like me) you just got bored and wanted a change, follow my easy-peasy steps below.

You'll need two things - a nail brightener or clear polish and sparkles.  I used Barielle Nail Brightener which you can get here, which is dibutyl-phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde Free.  Remember that a lot of nail polishes can be bad for you health because they have ingredients that are unhealthy.  I always put a base coat of this polish on my nails before cheaper polishes so that my nails won't absorb the bad ingredients.  It's worth the money!  I also use  Wet 'n' Wild's Mega Sparkle Confetti in the color White Icing for the glitter.  I bought this years ago, but I got it at CVS and I'm sure you could find a similar one at any drugstore.

To start, tap some glitter into the top of the lid of your container, then turn it right side up.  this will get a good layer of glitter into the lid for your nails.

Slap some polish on the nails on one hand.  Don't let it dry completely - only until it is tacky.  This will take less than a minute.

Using a tissue, pat it into the glitter and then onto your nails.  Layer as much as you want, put don't push too hard - you don't want tissue fibers in your nails!  Let your nails try completely, and then rinse your hands to get off stray glitter.  I later decided to finish with a clear nail polish, but it lasted well without that last step.

And that's it, folks!   Enjoy your nails.  If you do this tutorial, please send me a link.  I'd love to see it! ^_^  


Andeep Kaur said...

Hey! Love the sparkles! :) Lovely blog :)
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Chai Chen said...

Cute sparkly nails Lydia! :)


Tawny said...

Love it! It reminds me of snowflakes or winter, so pretty!
Beauty by T

Lieselotte Nechelput said...

Thank you for commenting on my post!!

I'm not all that into glitter polish... But this one looks very great! Well done!


Nat said...

I love glittery nails in discreet colors like this one. So classy :)

Rissi said...

I used to go WILD with sparkly nails but now I prefer nude colors or a basic color - right now I am so "addicted" to Maybelline's "show colors." One in particular is my VERY fave. :)

Rubies and Emeralds said...

Such a fun post! I love DIY projects, and I think this might be my next one! :)


Sam said...

Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by...the glittery nails look so pretty! Lovely idea

pretty little things said...

these are very cute..
xo sabbi

Allison said...

Those are so cute! Love the sparkles!
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Marsa said...

glitter always makes everything better. love it :)

LyddieGal said...

I do want to try some glitter nails this year, yours look so pretty Lydia!

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A Mode World said...

Great tutorial. I'm definitely feeling sparkly nails for the holiday season :) xA

Prexus Deligente said...

Very creative! Reminds me of silver bells, snow. :)

Ivana said...

It's so lovely and girly, and I like your nails, they are so small and cute. :)
pls follow back :)