Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thoughts: Let's not hate on other girls.

   It's amazing what happens in people's lives to make them who they are.

   Recently, I saw an interview with Rihanna and Oprah (which you probably have all seen), and Rihanna says she is still in love with Chris Brown.  She says she felt so bad because she had lost a best friend, and that he would need her because everyone felt like he was the villain and nobody else would help him.  We all have to remember that Chris Brown beat Rihanna up a while back, and no matter what she did or didn't do, she did not (and nobody) deserves that treatment.

  I had never liked Rihanna.  I felt her music perpetuated dangerous sexual scenarios, was vulgar and degrading to women (not freeing), encouraged girls to act like an object men could use the way they want, and told girls that abusive relationships and hooking up were things that didn't need much thought after all.  I thought she talked, dressed, and danced inappropriately.  To be honest, I still feel this way. But I didn't even feel that sorry for her because I thought it was all just a show and a way to make money at the expense of young girls.

  In that Oprah interview, though, I saw someone different.  I didn't see this hardcore "I can do anything a boy can do" sexualized Rihanna.  I saw a hurt, used, sad, confused little girl.  I saw someone who is broken like everyone else.  She didn't turn into the girl in her music videos overnight.  Ribanna went through whatever she did as a child and young adult to become the person who didn't see her value, didn't see her real God-given beauty, didn't see the type of man she should be with and almost got killed because of it.

  I think as girls, we need to stop being such haters.  Girls are the way the are because of the experiences that happened to them.  The person you see on the outside is probably very different from the person on the inside.  It doesn't mean you have to like what they do or even the person them self, but don't be mean to them.  Don't say things in anger and jealousy.  Just smile at them, pray for them, and ask yourself, "I wonder what she went through?"

Have you ever had an eye-opening experience about someone?

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Chai Chen said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. I feel that Rihanna was indeed the real deal in that interview. I get to understand her better and salute her for being such a strong woman. :)


Brooklyn Mae said...

This is a very good point. Another great post! :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Very well said. Before we judge someone we really should keep in mind that each person has gone through something. I've been judged so many times before, for how I look, for what I wear, people always assume something but they never really bothered to find out or get to know me, the real me.

Peque Divine said...

greaaaaat post honey!!


Meeline said...

Now I want to watch that interview, I want to hear the real Rihanna talking. Thanks for sharing your views and that would probably make me think twice before judging someone. I never ask myself that kind of question like you said "i wonder what she went through" I just hate on girls because they are different from me. I always liked Rihanna, she's a pretty girl doing ok music, she was for me another artist who I love watching videos of. But now since I heard about her getting hit, I feel like I care about her more.

Thanks for visiting my, your post is inspiring, you've got yourself a new following :)


Charlotte said...

This is a lovely post, I feel the same way about Rihanna. I do like her music but find some of the scenes she paints with her words quite uncomfortable, and her videos are a bit disturbing at times too

I feel bad for her about Chris brown though, my first love treated me badly by getting with other girls and lying about it, but even though I'm now in a happy relationship with someone new I will always have a part of me that loves and misses him. It must be worse for her because she can't escape him, at least when regular people break up they can make the decision to just not see each other anymore, no such luck in celeb land xx

Larissa said...

This is a great post! Your are so right and I think it is so sad that many people act without thinking about what they are actually doing.

Rubies and Emeralds said...

Really enjoyed this post. Very insightful!


Rebecca Recommends said...

beautiful post, thanks for sharing :) xxx

Bárbara said...

I loved to read this post, it was great!
I love your blog, i'm following! If you like, follow mine too.

Melinda said...

This is such a great post- I myself have been the victim of people judging. I am shy and sometimes socially awkward and people label me as a snob, but I am really the opposite. Thanks for visiting my blog- do you want to follow each other?