Monday, October 22, 2012

Everyday Eyeshadow

  Eyeshadow seems really complicated, and sometimes is only worn on special occassions because not everyone knows how to wear it so that it doesn't look to fancy for school or work.  The eyeshadow in the above picture is a very simple look for your eyes that you can wear everyday.  Combining neutral colored eyeshadows, this quick and easy look adds just the right amount of togetherness and practicality.  Read below to see how to do it. :)

 1. Go ahead and put on all your face makeup - foundation, blush, bronzer - whatever you normally do for your whole face.  Add some liquid foundation (like this Tarte one I use) or eyeshadow primer (like this one) to your eyelids and right on the bone under your eyebrow.  This will make the shadow stick better.

2.  Take a light sparkly/shimmery champagne or other light color and pick some of it up on a small eyeshadow brush.  I used the color Shimmering Buff by Tarte (from this pallete) but you can use any similar color that you want.  Apply it to the outside of the inner tearduct and blend about 1/2 of the way up onto your eyelid.  Also apply it on the bone under your eyebrow.

3. Take a brown color and pick some of it up on a brush of your choice.  I used Shimmering Cocoa by Tarte (also from this pallete).  Apply it on your crease, bringing to the corner of your eyelid and then blending it ever so slightly into half of your eyelid to meet the light color.  Take a bigger brush and blend the brown color and the light color all together to smooth out any lines.

4.  Take a little bit of the same brown color you used in your previous step with a very small brush, and apply it to the outer half of your bottom lash line.  Don't apply it to your waterline - you don't want to close your eye off.  This step is just to make your eyes look more define.

5. Now take a little bit of the light color you used earlier and color the rest of your lower lashline with this.  This will really open your eyes up some more.  Your eyeshadow is done!

6. The final step is to line your lids and apply mascara.  Use a brown eyeliner pencil.  You want to use a pencil for this because it's softer (I use this one in the color Belgian Chocolate).  Make the line thin, and only wing it out a tad.  Soften the line by blending it with a brush.  Curl your lashes (this tutorial is good because it makes your eyelashes very curled), and add mascara.  You could use false eyelashes, but for most normal, everyday wear - they're not very practical.

And your done!


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