The Blog

     Eternal Simplicity is a blog about photography, music, writing, fashion, and life.  It's where I write to my heart's content about the things I love and can interact with people like me.  My goal for this blog is to help people - through thought provoking posts, reviews, tutorials for fashion/beauty and photography, and to share things that are going on in my life that might make someone smile. :)

Where did the name for this blog come from?  Well, I'm a pretty simplistic person who leads a pretty easy going life.  I like people to tell me exactly what they mean, I'm an honest person, I hate when people over complicate something that is easy, I try to be true to myself, and I enjoy the little things in life like a good book, a pretty day, good music, or just drifting off into thought.  So "simplicity" is something I generally have in my life, and strive for everyday - which of course reflects into the writing I do on my blog.  I also plan on keeping this blog for as long as possible, and even though it technically won't be around eternally, I believe that I will be.  Hence, Eternal Simplicity. :)

  Hope you enjoy your stay at this little corner of the blogosphere. ♥

  Take care,