Sunday, September 30, 2012

This week: Laptop, driving, being 18, future posts!

 ~ My laptop will not boot up. NOOO!  The rootkit and bootkit got deleted when my dad helped me run a program to get rid of a virus, and system restore want work either.  It's possible I might lose all my files on it if my dad has to do a clean re-installation of Windows7. :(  Needless to say I'm a very unhappy Lydia at the moment.  At least I learned my lesson - back up your files before trying to get rid of a virus!  I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.  Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem and still save my files?

~ I love driving.  Like seriously.  I got my license this past Wednesday and I just LOVE driving around town and listening to my new Owl City and Cage the Elephant CDs.  It's so much fun.
~ My mom ordered some items from Ulta, which I helped pick out.  I'm getting all these great items and I can't WAIT to share that haul with you! :)

~ My hair has been super dry lately.  Anybody know a good leave in conditioner?

~ Being 18 is shaping up to be my favorite age ever.  It's been SUCH a cool week.  It's like nothing bothers me, I have this strange "what will happen will happen" attitude...I dunno.  I just really love it so far. ♥

~  I need to work on my September Favorites for you guys.  I have the list of items that made it to my faves in my head, but I actually haven't put any work into getting the post together.

~ I'm thinking about doing a post where you can leave me questions in the comments, and then I'll answer them.  Would you guys ask me questions if I did that kind of post?

Also, how was your week?


GagCloud said...

Thank u sweetie ^^
Followed u back already :)


Nela said...

Sure will! ;) Were you thinking about doing a vlog or just writing out your answers?

Sorry to hear about your files. :/ That must really stink. Praying that everything will turn out alright.

Take care!

Rissi said...

- I really like Giovanni products, Lydia and they do have a leave-in conditioner.

- Computer problems = NO FUN! I detest those. Seriously.

- Happy 18th year. :-) Being in my 20's, I know I don't want to go back in age: I am "happy" where I am at right now, though I know when I am old and gray I will probably feel differently. :-)

Chai Chen said...

Ohhh too bad for you. Sorry I don't know much about computer stuff too. Hope you can retrieve your files. :(

Stay happy Lydia! It's always a good time. :)


Marian said...

I'm sorry about your laptop! :( You could take it to Best Buy or somewhere similar. They might be able to fix it without losing your files. Then if you get it fixed, create a Guest Account to use instead of the Admin Account--if there's a virus, you can fix it in "Admin" and there's less chance of losing files.

I love that Keep Calm poster, too! Might have to put it on my blog. :D

Joanna said...

Thanks for reading ModaMama! I'm sorry about the computer mishap. That's always a bummer:(

Keyti Villanueva said...

yes dear .
that is such
a great idea .

Larissa said...

Happy 18th year! I remember that time pretty good... ;) now I am 24 and I still don't have my license ;) but that's okay, as I am living in the city and they are trams, busses and trains running everywhere.
Have a great start in the week!


Ribambelle said...

Follow you back now :)

Fabiola Tinelli said...

love your blog, I'm your newest
follower! I also love to drive!
I hope you'll follow back!


Melissa said...

Other than going the expensive route and having someone get the files for you (they specialize in that sort of thing) I really have no idea. That is a bummer! It almost happened to me with my daughter's baby photos. I nearly had a heart attack but luckly we were able to save them and I went immediately and bought a hard drive that automatically backs up all my pics/docs daily. I hope you are able to save them.


DrSukanya@FewUnnecessaryStuff said...

thnx for ur lovely comment..
following you !

houseinthesand said...

I would love to ask you a question then! :)
Being 18 sounds super good ... shame I'm not 18 yet. But you should enjoy it. :)

I just did an interview with my favorite band, so if you're interested, just visit me. :)

Lydia said...

@GagCloud: Thanks!

@Nela: Awesome! I'd be writing my answers. :) I does stink. :( I appreciate you praying for me, though!

@Rissi: I love Giovanni products! Thanks for recommending that! :D I hate computer problems, too. I don't even understand WHY there are viruses. :/ I can't wait to be in my 20s!

@Chai Chen: Thanks, dear. ♥ I'm trying to keep my chin up! ;D

@Marian: Good ideas! I haven't thought about creating a guest account before. Hahaha feel free to use the Owl City poster! ;D

@Joanna: You're welcome! And I know. :'(

@Keyti: Thanks!

@Larissa: I really do love being 18! It must be fun being able to take those types of transportation. :)

@Ribambelle: Thank you!

@Fabiola: Thanks for following!

@Melissa: Oooh I bet that did scare you to death! I think I'm going to lose my files, unfortunately. :( Oh well, I don't have anything NEARLY as important on it as you did on yours. :)

@DrSukanya: Thank you! :D

@houseinthesand: Yeah, do! :) And you'll get there - don't rush yourself to grow up too fast. ♥

Harija said...

Neat post!
My Lyfe ; My Story


Emily said...

I remember first starting to drive too, it was so exciting! Glad you're enjoying being 18 too, such a good age :) xxx