Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday Haul! ♥

Hey guys! So Sunday was  my 18th birthday.  I had a really great day spent with my family!  We went out to lunch at this little coffee house/bistro in my town (I got a mock chicken salad sandwich and some yummy veggies).  Later we had chocolate cupcakes, had pizza for dinner, and watched Mirror, Mirror.  In the morning though I got some gifts from my family and sister!  I wanted to share them with you here.  I might do a proper review on some of these items later on, so if you see any you are particularly interested in and would like for me to do a review, just leave a comment or send me an email! :)

I got two pretty rings.  One was this super cute owl ring.

The other one was this ring that has red sapphires, and a little diamond in the middle of the flower.  Both of these look really cute on.  The owl ring is really heavy actually, which I wasn't expecting.

I got three CDs for my birthday: Thank You, Happy Birthday, All Things Bright and Beautiful (which my parents actually gave me as an early gift), and The Midsummer Station.  These are SO good!  The one I have enjoyed the most was The Midsummer Station.  Everybody was saying it wasn't enough like Owl City's regular things, but I liked it a lot.

Be Delcious by Donna Karan New York smells super good.  It smells like apple and seems like a kind of spring/summer scent, but I'm totally going to wear it now.  I love the packaging!  It's shaped like an apple. :)

Look at all my pretty new shirts! :D  The shirt on the far left in the first picture I wore out to lunch.  It kind of blouses out at the bottom, which I was afraid made me look a little tubby, but I was reassured it just looked like the shirt's material.  The other two weren't actually part of my birthday but just in the batch of clothes my mom ordered.  They are super cute, but I haven't gotten a chance to wear them yet.

This shirt is another one I got for my birthday, and it's so cool!  Look at all the detail. It has beads, sequins, embroidery, and so many pretty colors.  I love it.

I love these ankle boots!  I have a small foot (these particular shoes are a size 3) so I'm always thrilled when I find shoes that fit me and don't look like a cutsie, little girl shoe.  These are really comfortable.  The sole was kind of slick, so my dad put some duct tape on it for me.  Fixed it up right away!  I can tell I'm going to be wearing these A LOT.

My sister made me this outfit for my American Girl Kit collection!  It's a corduroy jumper with a striped long-sleeved shirt underneath, and she made it to look like one of the outfits from Kit's Surprise.  I'm always blown away at her seamstress skills!

I also got these accessories for my Kit collection (school bag and supplies + a reporter's set), and Kirsten's World book because I looooooove pioneer times.  It's also part of Kirsten's collection. :D

This bag....omg drool.  It's a Fossil bag!  It's kind of a pinkish, salmon color and it's leather with rose gold harware.  This will probably be getting a better review. ;)

Earrings!  I don't have pierced ears (not really comfortable with putting holes in them as of yet) so I wear a lot of clip-ons.  These two pairs are really stylish, and don't hurt my ears.

Clips for my hair!  There's also a plain black one, but I was wearing it when I took the picture.

This necklace has charms that include a key that says 18, and an upright piano (which is kind of hard to see in the picture).

I think I got a picture of everything!  I hope you guys liked looking at it all.  :)


Marienni said...

Happy Birthday! And welcome to adulthood!


-Awi- said...

happy birthday !! lovely gifts, i wish you a wonderful year :))

Rissi said...

Happy belated birthday, Lydia! That is quite a FUN haul. :-)

Your sister did a fantastic job with that Kit outfit - I am in my twenties and still I want the newest AG dolls. That's cool... right!?

Nela said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lydia! Your gifts look awesome. :D Love your necklace, boots, and shirts.

Joanne said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Love that owl ring you have!

Newest follower here!


menopausal mama said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the owl ring and the owl City CDs!! Thanks for the comment you left at my site--I appreciate the visit. Signed on as a follower on your GFC!

Dose of Glam said...

Happy Belated Birthday

Astrid Camat said...

I love the owl ring!!! :)


Astrid Camat said...

And happy birthday!!! :)


stlavonlady said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I LOVE that owl ring. Where did you get that?

Enjoy your night! Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis

Allison said...

Happy Birthday! You got some cute things! Love the rings!
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Chai Chen said...

Awww happy birthday! :)
What wonderful gifts you had there :)


Maya M said...

Happy birthday!!! what great gifts:)


Cʜᴀɴᴇʟ.C said...

hello visited

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MissKatV said...

belated happy birthday dear! i love the loots! :D
btw, new follower here :>
❤ misskatv.com

Anonymous said...

ouh you're 18, I'm 3 years older than you...hhee
very happy birthday sweetie ;)
hope all of your wish become true... <3


Lydia said...

@Marienni: Thank you! :D

@Awi: Aw, thanks so much!

@Rissi: Thanks, dear! (◕‿-) No, that's not strange at all. You should start collecting for one of them!

@Nela: Thank you so much, Nela! I loved those items, too! ( ´∀`)☆

@Joanne: Thank you! And thanks for following!

@Menopausal Mama: I'm really loving the Owl City CDs! Thanks for following!

@Dose of Glam: Thanks!

@Astrid: Me too! Thank you!

@stlavonlady: Thank you! My mom got it of eBay for me, so I'm not sure of the seller. :( Thanks for following!

@Allison: Thank you, I sure day!

@Chai Chen: I know, right? Thank you!

@Maya: Thank you!

@Chanel: Thanks for visiting!

@MissKatV: Thanks for following! ♥

@Saphira: Haha lucky! Thank you, too. :) ♥

Inês Margarida Martins said...

love the owl ring! =)

SWU said...

Happy Birthday!!! That owl ring is SO cute!!! :)I like your blog! :)


Julie Marie said...

happy belated birthday =) thanks for stopping by and following... your blog is so cute..

Jill Turner said...

Happy Birthday!

xo Jill


Kristen de Vera said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one dear!! And I love your birthday haul! <3

Julia MB said...

I'm looking for mutual followers.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

You got great presents, love that necklace and charms. I also adore Donna Karan. I don't have that perfume, but I would definitely have to get it.

Thanks for coming by and following. I came by to return the follow and visit.


Lydia said...

@Ines: Me too!

@SWU: Thank you! Glad you like it! :D

@Julie: Aw thank you! Thanks for following me, too.

@Jill: Thanks!

@Kristen: Oh I did! Thank you! ♥

@Julia: Okay!

@Tami: Thank you! Donna Karan's verbena scents smell lovely, too. :) You're welcome! Thanks for following.

Nancy said...

aw happy birthday!!! glad to hear you had a wonderful day. great items btw!!!


Ancia said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had a wonderdful day with all friends and family calling and visiting you :)

Marilyns Closet said...

loved your post! thanks so much for visit my blog! i love yours so i follow you! hope you follow me back as well dear!


Little K. said...

I used to have similar owl ring though lost it at the club...it's cute. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and so sorry for the delay:(

little K.

GagCloud said...

Happy birthday ^^ Luved the first ring :)
Would u like to follow each other?
Let me know :)



ELISA said...

Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if my comment on your upper post came through because I kept messing the captcha!!! But I am here because you left a lovely comment on my blog and wanted to check out yours. Love your layout ^^
You got a bunch of neat stuff!!! I think my favs are the owl ring and the key charm, that one is just too pretty.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog Lydia, see you around. xx

Lydia said...

@Nancy: Thank you!

@Ancia: Thanks!

@Marilyn's Closet: Thanks! I liked your blog, too, so I followed you. :)

@Little K.: Aww, that stinks! :O Thank you!

@GagCloud: Thanks for following! I followed you back. :)

@Elisa: Thank you! :D

@Noire: It worked! :D I'm glad you like my layout! I love the key charm and the owl ring, too. They're so much like my personality!

Adventures in Wonderburg said...

Best b-day presents!! :)

DianaLuv said...

I have this same owl, its so cute! Thank you for the comment on my blog I am now following you :)

Biancarosa said...

HOpe you had a lovely birthday darl :) I have been gone from the blogging world for so long that I missed your birthday :( LOVING your owl ring and your bag. So so beautiful! :)

I swear by DKNY perfumes they always smell so so SO delicious :) Very lovely birthday haul!