Friday, July 20, 2012

Books, music, sewing: this week.

This week:
♥ I went through the drive through like I owned the place ("I'd like a large, sweet iced tea, please. YES THAT IS ALL.").
♥ I got The Mill on the Floss from the library.  That will have reviews written about it shortly.
♥ I continued to learn "Gypsy Dance" on the piano as well as started on a scene from "Swan Lake".
♥ I finished my swap outfit for the American Girl Outdoor Fun Swap.  Too bad Paypal messed up so I wasn't able to print my label. >____>  Anyway I'll post about it after my partner receives it. :D
♥ I spent a lot of time in my room for no apparent reason.  It was extremely hot up there, since there is only an air conditioner in my sister's room that is supposed to reach my really doesn't very well though.
♥ I ate a bunch of ice cream, cookies, tortilla chips and foods like that this week, also for no apparent reason.
♥ One of the apps I bought a long time ago for my iPod was updated and is now THE BEST APP EVER.  I kid you not.  It's the iHeart Radio app, and you can even access it on your computer by going to the website here.  You can make your own custom radio stations, or just listen to your favorite already made ones.  I've discovered The Alternative Project myself, and it is AMAZING.  It plays songs from all these great bands like Silversun Pickups, Foster the People, Cage the Elephant, Bush, The Offspring, Of Monsters and Men, Green Day, Pearl Jam etc.  I mean, you still have to dodge inappropriate songs on that station like you do every other one, but it plays the genre of music I like. WOOT.  Okay I'm done fangirling about music...for now.
♥ I signed up for my final college class.  Oy.
♥ This list made me sound like a very hipster loner lol.

That is all.  What did YOU do this week?


Angelyn said...

Silly hipster loner! You are too cute for words [:

LOLs for your drive-through #likeaboss, and oh man, The Mill On The Floss! I've only ever read the abridged version and thus am excited to know what the unabridged one is like. iHeart Radio sounds amazing - I hope they have it in my country. :/

This week I... but you don't want me clogging up your comments page with a long paragraph about my life, do you? So I'll stop here!

Lydia said...

Angelyn? Angelyn Angelyn? Malaysian Mulan-loving creative artist Angelyn? It ISSSS you! :D Omgomgomg how long have you had a blog?!?!?! Dude, you've been holdin' out on me! ;D I've missed you! ♥

And yes I am a lil hipster, you know that better than anyone haha. I did drive through like a boss. It was ahhhmazing. Well you will know what the unabridged version of The Mill on The Floss is like soon! I'm going to start on my review probably tomorrow! They should totally have iHeart Radio in your country! Definitely check, it's worth it! :)

ANGELYN YOU SILLY GIRL, you know I always love to hear what's up with you! :) Remember all those times I grilled you on Livejournal about what you'd been up to? ;)

I'm totally following your blog, btw. I shall be commenting on LOTS of your posts. ^_^

Angelyn said...

I have really missed you too!! And, d'aw, you make me blush. I do not deserve those wonderful compliments!

I like that I know that you're a hipster more than anyone (with the exception of your sister, of course)! We've known each other for so long it's kind of crazy. And by the way - do you have a Because you should.

I do remember! And dude, I will be forever nostalgic about those days when I was sixteen and LJ-ing with you and Cecilia obsessively. Sigh.

Yay, can't wait! I'm following yours too on my reader and will most likely subscribe by email too!

Lydia said...

Yes, yes you DO deserve them! ;)

Yeah, I guess my sister knows pretty well, too - she WAS the one to buy me a mustache necklace after all. ;D We have known each other awhile! And yes I DO have one, but I have not logged on in forever. OMG I need to! Thanks for reminding me lol.

I totally remember the first time you followed me on Livejournal. I was like - this girl is so cool, AND she loves Mulan! Awwww yes Cecilia! That time was so much fun. I remember we like, all loved Owl City, Percy Jackson, Disney, and pretty pretty graphics. I miss those days! It makes me happy thinking about them. ♥

Okay, sounds awesome! I tried to follow yours through the Google thingy but you didn't have that so I subscribed by email! :D I'm having trouble figuring out how Feedburner if you followed me there too, thanks! XD

Angelyn said...

Log in, log in! And add me too while you're at it! My username is memoirable, same as on LJ :D I love your music taste, and you might just have gotten me hooked on Of Monsters And Men, so!

Everyone who loves Mulan is automatically cool, 'cause mainstream people forget about her :[ Hooray for Mulan being a total hipster movie!

Oh, Feedburner's really simple - after my piano exam's over I'll post something, and you can get it delivered to your inbox and see what it's like!

Lydia said...

I shall, I shall, thusly! I always thought Memoirable was the coolest name. And haha you're welcome. You have the same type of taste I have, too!

I guess Mulan is kinda a hipster movie. Never thought of it before! :D

Haha sounds like a plan. It's a pretty legit site, it sounds like. xD