Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Currently Reading...Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (Part Three)

Part Three: In this part of the story, Scarlett has to take on much more responsibility because of the war.  Her headstrong ways and committed spirit have made everyone look up to her and, though glimpses of the old Scarlett shine through, this new no-nonsense version dominates.

Part Three shows the effects that the war is having on Atlanta, where Scarlett is staying alone with a pregnant Melanie after Pittypat flees the area.  Scarlett is relieved that Prissy, her slave, has knowledge of "birthing babies" since Melanie tells them she is sure the baby will be coming any day now.  But, when the baby is due and Melanie is struggling to stay alive, Prissy reveals that she really knows nothing about it, and Scarlett rushes to find Dr. Meade.  Dr. Meade, however, is busy with   tons of wounded soldiers and sends her away.  Scarlett herself, with the unhelpful aid of Prissy, delivers Melanie's baby.  Rhett helps the women, the baby, and Wade escape a burning Atlanta to Tara, where Scarlett's mother and sister's are sick and there is no telling whether or not the Yankees have burned the house at Tara to the ground.  Rhett leaves Scarlett on her own awhile into the trip because he is going to join the military, and, through many dangers and terror, Scarlett arrives safely at Tara to find her mother has died, her father is going crazy, and the whole place is in shambles though their house has survived everything.

  Scarlett learns how to overcome pride, learns how to make money, murders a Yankee soldier and hides him with the help of Melanie, and also meets a new friend named Will Benteen, a wounded soldier who stays with them and helps on the plantation while falling in love with Scarlett's sister Careen.  At the end of Part Three, Will is sitting on the ground holding onto Scarlett's skirt, keeping her from running to Ashley when Ashley arrives home from the war.  He says "After all, he's her husband, ain't he?", and Scarlett knows that he has figured out everything about her feelings for Melanie's husband through his quiet, soft spoken ways.

  This was a really interesting part, I thought.  Scarlett seems to grow a lot, and actually has to take responsibility for others as much as herself.  I love Will - I think he's a great character, though I'm sorry to say I'd forgotten about him since the first time I read it.  I've already started on Part Four, but I think Part Three was a lot better.

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Stephanie Lam said...

Sounds like an interesting book! Thanks for sharing your review!!


Rissi said...

Gosh, the movie is long enough - not sure if I'd get through the book! ;-D

Chai Chen said...

You're really enjoying the readings huh! Cool! I didn't even have time to read this hehe. Just the movie. :)


Fanda said...

Will Benteen is one of my most fave characters, together with Melanie.

Just keep reading Part 4, I think this was tho most interesting so far. Scarlett will get through much more turbulence in her life..

Nicoleta_B said...

Lovely post, sweety!



outintosparks said...

I'm always looking forward to your posts!
I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Its a really cool way to get your blog out there! You can find all the information on my blog!

xx Emily

Allison said...

I love reading old books! Hope you're enjoying it!
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I really should read this. I do a book review on my blog every Tuesday and this would be a great one!