Friday, August 10, 2012

This week: college, fashion, lots of music, The Little Rascals

♥ Oh my gosh, I can NOT believe this is the last week of summer vacation!  And honestly, it seems like I've had some much I wanted to do this week that I reaaaalllly don't want to start school back. :(  It's my first full year of college, too!  I mean, technically I took like 5 college classes during my senior year in high school, but I can now consider myself a COLLEGE student, which I'm actually kind of enjoying. :D  I'm going to be living at home, and probably will take the majority of my classes online since my school is like, 30 minutes away. :P

♥ Along with being a COLLEGE student, I want to kind of update my style to be a little more "adult", but not look like I'm trying to be older than my age.  Does that make sense?  I just want to kind of separate this season of my life a little from my last, even though a lot of things will still be the same.  But anyway I've been experimenting with makeup and different hairstyles, and I've actually been having a lot of fun with it. :D  I need to figure out the best way to sweatpants though - since I'm going to be home a lot with my classes, I still want to be comfy and not spend too much time in the morning making myself all dolled up when I'm not going to be anywhere.  xD

♥ is like, my new addiction.  Seriously.

♥ Nina and I are going to watch the 90's version of The Little Rascals today (which we've been putting off like, all week).  Yay for fun time with my big sister! :)  Oh this is funny:

♥ Worked on my first photo manipulation that I want to share with you guys sometime next week.  There's a few problems with it that I had some people point out that I might try to fix before I share it. :)
Have a good weekend!

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Marian said...

Wearing one's hair down always looks nice, and I love braids of any kind...waterfall, side-braid, etc. :) I would avoid volumized ponytails, though, as they tend to look messy after an hour or two.

Is your school on a semester schedule?

Lydia said...

I love braids!! I recently saw a video for a fishtail braid, and now I want to try that. Nina wears that style a lot and it looks great on her. :D Nina also wears the kind of volumized ponytail and it always looks awesome one her, but on me it does get REALLY messy. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

And yes, it is broken up into semesters!

Rissi said...

I am in AWE that summer is nearly over!

Lydia said...

I KNOW! It's ridiculous! :/