Wednesday, October 31, 2012

they will see us waving from such great heights.

Which version is your favorite?


Alexandra said...

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Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alex

Chai Chen said...

Probably the 1st one dear! COlored! :)


Wikaa said...

My fav' version is 1st :)
Great blog, Im glad I found it, wanna follow each Dear?♥

Marian said...

The first one's my fave...the colors are great!

Allison said...

I like the colored one! It turned out great!
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pretty little things said...

i like the 1st one.colored is always better:)
xo sabbi

Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! said...

1st one! :)
Thanks for visiting me doll.
Do follow by GFC, FB, Bloglovin' if you like! :)

evi mili said...

the colored one!
nice blog my dear!
hope to find some time to check out my blog and we can follow each other if you want!

XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

lovely blog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

Aya Pimentel said...

I think I'm more into the 1st one :)

-Aya <3

Mind if we follow each others blog? :)

Carla said...

Hi, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet message. I'm following. Would love it if you follow back? xoxo

ELISA said...

The first one!

Wikaa said...

first one is my fav' :) of course I'm following you back Dear, have you got fanpage?

Lidia Frolova said...

I love the first one!

gvozdishe on Facebook

Rocio Otero said...

es genial!!!! me encanta tu blog!

Vanesa Cruz said...

The first pick! :)

Anonymous said...

The second one is my favorite :D It's my first time on your blog, your blog is great!

The White List said...

I like coloured one! Such a cute picture! lol!