Monday, September 10, 2012

Thoughts: I'm an introvert.

  The other day I was fangirling over Owl City (that happens a lot) and I ran across a post Adam Young (the mastermind behind Owl City) had written about the 10 Myths About Introverts.  You can read the myths and Adam's responses to them HERE.  He talks about how he never really thought of himself as an introvert, even though everyone would basically describe him that way. 

  On that note, I always though I was more of an extrovert.  I mean, since I always liked to go out places, I figured I was more social.  But after reading the list of myths Adam talks about (and taking this quiz HERE to see if I was an introvert or extrovert) I realized people act that way towards me and that I really am an introvert.  The truth is, when I go out I generally like to go by myself, or with just a person (like my sister) or two (maybe one of my parents or another friend) to small places like a cafe, library, or grocery store even.  But I'm not a huge fan of hanging out in big groups, especially with kids I don't know (or like) that well.  I also like one on one time better, because I like that better.  We have each others' full attention, and I get really nervous around people I don't know, which apparently  doesn't show because my family rolls their eyes and are like "Yeah, Lydia's always nervous."  The other people are entertaining to me (for short time periods) but I tend to start watching them like it's a TV show which comes off as a little bit rude or judgmental, or people think I'm unapproachable.  I'm really friendly! People like me, and like to be around me.  I just have a FEW close friends.  I smile, laugh, and talk a lot - with people I know well and like.  I've had people say that I've given them mean looks before, and the only thing I can figure is that I was in my own world and thinking when I looked up at them. 

  So like the article said, I'm not weird.  I'm not even unfriendly.  I just don't care for parties, loud noises, clubs,  groups of people, drinking, or things like that.  I just like being alone.  With my music.  Or a book.  Or with one or maybe two close friends that I can REALLY trust and have stuff in common with.  I like driving just for the sake of being independent and going to the grocery store.  I like meeting new people and learning about how they think, and see what they wear and what music they listen to.  I just don't have to be AROUND them all the time.  I like going some place kinda low key and "hippyish" and having a good time - then go home and have some alone time.  I like blogging, reading, listening to music, thinking, playing music, driving, watching TV, sewing, reading magazines, trying new hairstyles and makeup, coming up with new outfits.  THEN I can go out and show off what outfits I've come up with.  See how it works?

  And I like that!  I like not feeling like I HAVE to do that stuff.  It's cool!  And it's just as cool for people to be extroverts.  I'll be me and you be you.  It's freeing, isn't it? :)

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

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-Awi- said...

I agree with you. Like you, I usually like to go around alone and I do not like crowded places. I think i'm introvert too :)

AnnaKate said...

I think I'm a introvert. I love being at home alone, sipping tea and writing and daydreaming, but I also love being around people and doing group activities. =)

Aidyl Ewoh said...

That’s so cool when you said “I sometimes tend to start watching them like it’s a TV show” because I totally catch myself doing that. =D
I’ve actually gotten to be pretty good at being really outgoing when I need to be (our family business and the retreat I work at), but other times I just have to go be by myself, even when everyone else is still hanging out. (We actually live at the retreat, so we almost, almost, almost always have people here!). So yeah, great post!!!
And I’m an Introvert, but cool one. =D

Rachel @ Making Life Fabulous said...

I'm definitely an introvert! I also like just having one-to-one conversations, and I'm always a little unsure of how to act in a big group! But, I feel like knowing my tendencies makes me better able to adapt to different situations!

Haruhiism said...

I know that feeling. Being a loner is kinda hard, but it's totally okay if you like to be alone sometimes.
If you enjoy reading so much, you don't need a partner! I also have a lot of hobbies which I can only do alone for example sewing or reading.
I don't know if you're an introvert or an extrovert, because I think for this judgement we all need to know you personally.

Gia Martinez said...

hmm.. kinda hard to stick to a particular one but most of the time, I'm an introvert.

- Gia

The Fashion Milkshake said...

Great post!

3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

I'm an instant follower of you now :)

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Kristen Rafaelle said...

Ever since, I knew I'm an introvert person.

Lydia said...

@Awi: Agreed! :) I don't like crowded places lol. Festivals freaked me out a lot when I was little. I've adapted a little there though. ;)

@AnnaKate: Yeah that's how I am. Doing things with a few friends is fun, but I enjoy being by myself just as much.

@Aidyl: I know! It's really easy to start watching people. xD I've learned that I'm not WEIRD acting when I'm trying to be outgoing, so that's helped me be more confident in talking to people. It's cool how at your retreat you meet new people!

@Rachel: Yeah, you have to know yourself. Otherwise any type of communication would be strange.

@Haruhiism: Being a loner definitely IS okay, if you like doing it (and can interact in normal situations). I too have hobbies that you just really have to be alone in sometimes. I think it is difficult to decide what I am if you don't know me personally. :)

@ Gia: I know, it can be! Thanks for following! :D

@Janice: Glad you love my style! :D I'll try to check out your blog. :)

@Kristen: ME TOO! :D

Biancarosa said...

Great post! I think it really depends on your mood whether you're an extrovert or an introvert. Personally since coming to Uni I have found I'm quite extroverted but i do find it super refreshing when I have time alone and just to be with myself and lazing around.

Your posts are so inspiring Lydia :) I like how personal you get, it's inspired me <3


Allison said...

I am sometimes an introvert, sometimes an depends on the occasion!
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Lydia said...

@Biancarosa: That's true! Mood does have a lot to do with it. Aw thank you! I'm glad to be an inspiration. ♥

@Allison: True, true! It does! :)

Charlotte said...

im an introvert :) I'm happy this way, I can have just as good a time sitting at home reading with a mug of hot chocolate as i can going shopping with a friend xx