Friday, August 17, 2012

Easy Out-And-About Outfit. ♥

  I went out to lunch the other day, and came up with a pretty good outfit for that sort of thing.  Wanna get the look?  Then let's go!  Firstly, I wore the flax-blend dolman shirt in that picture on the right.  I got it for Forever 21 over a year ago now.

  It's the cutest shirt (though I will admit it gets kind of stretched out in the sleeves easily...:P).  I wore it off shoulder, but you definitely wouldn't have to.  I paired it with some Lauren Conrad blue skinny pants (which I could not find a picture of grrr....but you could wear jeans just as easily).

   I put on a pair of cute jute wedges, and I went pretty simple on the jewelry wearing a white Hello Kitty watch and big silver hoop earrings.  I also wore some brown and shimmery off white Tarte eyeshadow with my normal eyeliner/mascara inspired by Beautifymeeh's Everyday Makeup tutorial below:

  So the next time you have no CLUE what you are going to wear, trying putting together something similar to this.  It was really comfortable and casual, but modest/nice looking too.
Have a great weekend!

Picture from Google Images.