Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work" review

  "Something Good Can Work" is a song that drops some electronic beats coupled with very light guitar riffs.  Two Door Cinema Club is a band I recently discovered and, as far as the songs I've listened to, are a pretty clean band whose lyrics are pieced together with great creativity and no curse words.  This song is no exception - one that I interpret as about a girl, who is changing her destiny one step at a time:

"Took a little time to make it a little better,
It's only going out, just one thing and another
You know, you know

Let's make this happen, girl

You gotta show the world that something good can work
And it can work for you
And you know that it will

Let's get this started girl

We're moving up, we're moving up
It's been a lot to change
But you will always get what you want."

   You should give the song, and the band, a try.  As contactmusic.com describes this song, "Every now and again a song comes along which, once heard, feels like it has become ingrained in your skin - and this is one of those tunes."   I think you'll really like it! :)


Rissi said...

Hm... never heard of this group.

Lydia said...

You definitely will not regret hearing them! Unless of course you don't like this type of music I guess lol.