Saturday, July 14, 2012

George Eliot books and piano and that review I haven't written lately

  Firstly, I would like to say I want books for my birthday.  Good, old fashioned, books full of paper.  But I don't know which ones to get exactly...see, I like the thoughts of getting The Mill On the Floss.  Yet I have that book on hold at the library for me, and once I've read a book I don't tend to re-read it that often.  So I don't know if I really need it.  I think I am going to get Adam Bede by George Eliot, because it sounds really interesting to me.

  Oh my gosh, Penguin Classics books just make me drool.  Aren't they perfect?  They always have a wonderful cover and so much extra information inside about the book you're reading.  Anyway, I'm also possibly going to get a biography about George Eliot because I think I'd like to study her in more detail.  I'm also going to get another piano book, because I realized there is a companion book to the Masterwork Classics one, which is pretty detailed and necessary (for me).  I got a little confused about my piano books after I posted about it yesterday, because I wasn't sure how many songs I was supposed to learn a week, and how fast I was supposed to move through level 5.  But I think I pretty much have it figured out now.  I also plan on writing some reviews on the songs I'm learning, and tell you alllll about it. :D

  I have also not forgotten the review I've been writing for Barnaby Rudge!   I've been more busy with music and photography this week that I've only really had extra time to read Barnaby Rudge, not write a review about it.  In all honesty if I had not been kinda lazy, I could have written some of it but I didn't and here we are.  So the next part will be posted soon, don't you worry about it. ;)