Friday, July 13, 2012

My new piano books!

  As you all probably know now, I'm in the process of teaching myself piano.  I finished a Level 4 book a few years back, and got out of practice and got overall board with learning the piano.  But now I think I'm at a point in my life where music and learning to play music well on the piano is important to me.  Therefore, I ordered Level 5 books from Amazon the other day.  And they're here, they're finally here! :D

  I ordered three Alfred's Basic Piano Library books, all Level 5.  One is the basic lesson book, one is a theory book, and the other is a music book that has classic themes for me to learn.


  The book below is Alfred's Masterwork Classics, Level 5, which has different themes in it as well as a CD with the music.  It has more difficult songs in it.

  So needless to say I'm pretty thrilled.  Basically my whole morning has been dedicated looking through theses books and starting on the lessons.  You'll definitely be seeing more posts in the future about my journey through them! :)


The Political Informer said...

That's pretty cool that you're teaching yourself the piano. I'm teaching my self the electric guitar; been doing it for two years now. I like teaching myself. I can go at my own pace and learn what I want.

Good luck!

Lydia said...

Yeah I like teaching myself, too! The only problems I run into is pacing. I'm never sure exactly where I should be at the level I'm at. But since it's pretty much just for fun and enjoyment, it doesn't matter all that much, ya know? And that's so cool that you are playing the electric guitar! :D I've always wanted to learn regular guitar but whenever I try, everything looks like a totally different language lol.