Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Gyspy Dance" + Carmen by Georges Bizet

  I'm learning Gyspy Dance by Georges Bizet on the piano, and I have to say it's a pretty involved piece, full of changing dynamics and lines of eighth notes coupled with sixteenth notes.  From the opera Carmen, Gypsy Dance was composed by Georges Bizet a French composer most popular for his operas.  The song, written to be played by an orchestra, adapts nicely to the piano and is a fast paced tune that definitely puts me in mind of some sort of Gypsy celebration.  You can listen to the song conducted by Andre Kostelanetz below:

  I've about learned the whole song since I began it last Friday, although I haven't put all the dynamics into my performance yet.  I still need to work hands separately to get the notes a little smoother.  After I do that, the dynamics should come pretty easily and I'll be all finished. :)

  It actually has inspired me to watch the opera Carmen.  This is the first opera I've seen and I'll admit I don't always know what is going on (since I can't speak French).  I'm following along though with the help of some English translations.  Here's part one below:


Marian said...

Oh, I love that song! I've heard it most frequently on violin, and it's HARD. I haven't watched Carmen yet, but I do love this flash mob that was performed last year: Random Act of Culture

Lydia said...

I haven't heard it on the violin. I bet that sounds amazing! :D I've never seen that flash mob. I would LOVED to be randomly surprised with something like that. :) You should definitely try watching Carmen - I've heard about it my whole life, but really watching it is very rewarding.