Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 30: A motto or philosophy

  I found this image on Pinterest, and it's the best way to describe what I've thought before (in more or less words) again and again when I'm going through something difficult.  Whenever I think something should have happened that didn't, I stop and think and usually discover that what has happened was for the best.  And even when I don't see the silver lining in the cloud, I know that there is something I don't know, and I can trust in the fact that still whatever happened to me is what should have happened.

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Marian said...

Great post! Your thoughts sum it up so well. It's something I've been learning over and over again in the last couple of years.

Lydia said...

Thanks, Marian! It's definitely something we all need to learn, and I'm glad you've been concentrating on it recently, too. :)

Dr. Sus said...

So true, I love that quote. Sometimes we miss the sweetest memories because we are too busy complaining. Take life with a smile and a hand holding onto our dear savior.

Lydia said...

Thanks for visiting the site, Dr. Sus! I love that quote, too. We definitely need to trust in our savior more and more, especially as we get older. ♥