Friday, October 19, 2012

College fashion...for guys!

  The other day I was checking my statistics, and I saw where someone had searched "college fashion for guys" and somehow ended up on my page.  I got to thinking that I often discuss girls' fashion, but what about all those boys out there that aren't sure how they should dress?  Especially for school?  Well I want to give some tips to all you college fellows out there (and probably some high school guys, too) in case you aren't sure what the best thing to where is.  The picture above shows casual on the left, and more formal on the right.  These are two REALLY good images that you can draw inspiration from.  You guys need to be comfortable first, fashionable second.  Comfy (IRONED) t-shirts, jeans, jackets, hats like beanies or fedoras, and sneakers or work boots are probably your best options.  Avoid sweatpants, as these can look a little too casual on guys.  Make sure everything is washed, ironed, free of stains and smelling nice as these are really the most important things for guys.  You don't have to worry about makeup, so all of the above and making sure you and your clothes are clean is really key.

  These outfits are really good for casual days where you will be taking tests or listening to lectures.  If your classes are online, these are still cozy but nice enough to be worn out if you realize your highlighter just completely dried up on you and you have to run an emergency errand.  If the above isn't really your style, forgo the hats and wear plain shirts in colors like white, grey, blue, etc.

These guys are dressed a little nicer.  These outfits might be good if you will be going on some sort of school trip, job fair or had to do a presentation.  These would also be good for presentations.  I would probably ax the kind of loose fitting pants in the third image, though and go for slacks or nice jeans.  Notice how the guy with the fleece zip up in the third picture can look just as nice as the guy with the tie in the first.  It's all in a matter of what colors you wear, and what you wear everything with.  I think the second picture is pretty nice for school, too.  Personally, I would get rid of the glasses because this looks like you are trying too hard.  Everything else is good though. 

This picture has some good ideas on what to buy.


Violet said...

Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog Lydia! I love your blog! Great idea to showcase some clothing ideas for guys- and I love all of the above. Boys, you would look very attractive in any of those outfits! ;)


Sea of teal said...

Hi Lydia,
thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a compliment! :)
Your blog is amazing! Wanna follow each other? I would love to. Please let me know.
Have a wonderful friday,

Sea of teal said...

I followed you back as promised! :)
Thank you, so happy that you like my blog!!! :)

Julie Smith said...

Great post!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I'm following you back now! I can't wait to read more from you!

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Denise Anne Go said...

Love those styles for guys!

Chai Chen said...

Hahah sometimes I see myself wondering why some searches lead to my blog too. :)

Thanks for sharing this then. College look for guys look cute.:)