Friday, September 21, 2012

Infinity Scarves Picspam

I wanted to share some pics of one of my favorite fashions this fall - infinity (sometimes called eternity) scarves.  And here is a tip, ladies, as you look as these pictures: most scarves can be made into an infinity scarf.  Just tie it in a knot, and made into a loop that you can wrap around your neck several times.  The knot can be hid under one of these loops.  Anyway, look at Jessica Alba sporting that leopard print infinity scarf.  Doesn't she look cute?

Kim Kardashian haha.  Although I'm not a fan of hers really, she can rock some cool fashions.  I like how she has the scarf paired with a denim jacket.

^^ There's another one with a denim jacket.

I like how this is with a lacy, girly dress.

Awww haha look!  Isn't he cute? :D


Priscilla said...

Looks like you're like me that is excited for fall! I just posted my review of Lancôme's 2012 Fall Collection on my blog. If you have a minute, I would love to hear your comment. Thanks!

Mandy @ makemeupmandy said...

awesome blog! just followed u fr friends to followers blog hop! im at :)

Sooji said...

Those scarves are really chic and fashionable! I love the leopard ones on Jessica Alba <3

Chai Chen said...

Wow! The scarf looked really cute on the kid in the last pic. :D

On a 2nd note, I love to wear one too. I'm just thinking if the look would "look" good on me. :D


Manuëla said...

You know how deeply move my heart ! I love so much scarves especially that of Kim Kardashian".


Haruhiism said...

I love scarfes! I love fall! I love that last picture >D

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KatXoXo said...

I need to investing some new scarfs for fall!! I haven't bought any in ages!!

Lady_Myx said...

was here visiting :D how's your weekend so far? :)


bonnie_blog said...

Great post & cute blog!
I`m a new follower now.
And I will be SOO happy, if you follow my blog:-)

Allison said...

Love eternity scarves! They are so chic and comfy!

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Jessille said...

Awesome scarves, wish I have one of them

Biancarosa said...

I LOVE infinity scarves. Totally loving the scarf with the lace detailing <3 <3


mari nori said...

nice post!

Thanks for commenting on my blog :)


Ancia said...

I already started wearing mine too :)
Maybe you want to follow each other? Let me know :)

Lydia said...

@Priscilla: I am excited for fall! :D I'll try to check out that review! :)

@Mandy: Thanks! And that's awesome! :D Thanks for following!

@Sooji: I love that one, too!

@Chai Chen: I know, right? SO cute! And I think it would look great on you! Just make sure the scarf isn't too long to begin with - sometimes when you have to wrap them around your neck to much, it can look a little too bulky. But I'd totally give it a try!

@Manuela: Scarves are so awesome, I know!

@Haruhiism: Haha sounds like you love this post. ;D

@Kat: Get to shopping, girl! ;)

@Lady_Myx: Thanks fro visiting! My weekend has been so great! It's my birthday today. :D How's your weekend been?

@bonnie_blog: Thanks for following! I'll check out your blog.

@Allison: Me too!

@Jesille: Haha I know! The ones in this post are awesome.

@Biancarosa: Yeah I think they are mainly called infinity scarves, so I changed the name in this post haha. I love the one with lace, too! It's my favorite! :D

@mari_nori: Thanks! And you're welcome!

@Ancia: Awesome! And okay, I'll check out your blog.

Nora Aradi said...

Love it!

avecjayj said...

i LOVE infinity scarves...they add such dimension to an outfit
great post!

jayj x.

Sherry Sylvia said...

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Lydia said...

@Nora: Thanks!
@avecjayj: They do! :D Thanks!
@Sherry: Oooh thanks for following! I sent you an email. :)

Jana said...

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