Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Early Fall Style Picspam

  Here in the south, it is FINALLY getting cool enough to feel like fall!  Yes! ♥ I thought I'd share some of the pretty early fall fashion I've been seeing on Pinterest.  The picture above is of Gwen Stefani (who will probably get her own picspam sometime *cough cough*), and isn't that polka dot shirt paired with the scarf and boots ADORABLE?!

These particular skirts are a little too short for my liking, but I'm really digging this sort of sweater + skirt and tights look.

Awww it's Lauren Conrad (another girl probably getting her picspam in the future *cough cough).  This kind of summery look (that will still keep you warm) is cute.

Those layers are to die for.

Pretty hats and fall hair I want to try. ;)


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Haruhiism said...

awesome styles
really like your idea collection

Madison said...

Love the sweater, tights, and skirt look too! :) fall fashion is so pretty. Hey! I know how to make that pinkish-red beret! I actually have the pattern for it and have made two for friends. :)



Lydia said...

@Haruhiism: Thank you! :D
@Madison: It is so pretty! :) Wow you have? That's really cool! ♥

Sara said...

So many beautiful people and so nicely dressed, I especially like the style of the second girl, very romantic with a twist, love it! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Valentina Coco said...

Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
bloglovin follower

Rachel @ Making Life Fabulous said...

I like that outfit a lot. I love how she styled the polka dots so they were still fun but not too "cutesy."

AnnaKate said...

Gah that sweater! So. Cute.

Lydia said...

@Sara: Ooh glad you like this post and my blog! Thanks for following. :) I'll check out your blog!

@Valentina: Thanks for following!

@Rachel: Agreed. It's kind of edgy. :)

@AnnaKate: Isn't it though? ♥

Oanh Le said...

I love Gwen and her style! <3

Bernadeth G. said...

Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

Lydia said...

@Oanh: Omg, me too!
@Bernadeth: Thank you! I'll check out your blog. :)