Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy, fun music!

So for a reaaaally long time I had gotten into the habit of listening to some pretty sappy, dramatic songs.  They fit my mood back then, but now I feel the need to practice being more thankful and happy about life.  Here's some of my favorites:


   Owl City is the man.  I mean, his music is so good.

 Hawk Nelson!  I love them.  Their songs are so fun, because they're not always about love and how terrible you feel because of it.  These songs are Crazy Love and Live Life Loud.

  Britt Nicole's music (especially these two songs, Headphones and Ready or Not feat. Lecrae)is one every single girl should listen to.  It's uplifting, not always about boys, and helps you to remember the important things in life.  What's better than that?

  So, what's your favorite uplifting, fun music?  Hope you guys have a great rest of the day! :)