Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts: You can't lose a true friend.

My mom said this recently: "You can't lose a true friend."
And you know what?
You can't.
It's kind of hard to get your head wrapped around, but think of it.

A true friend....
1. Does not lie about you, to you, or about other people. 
2. Will not be mean to you or about you.  If they have done something insensitive, they will apologize (and mean it) as soon as they realized they have hurt your feelings.
3. Will not accept other people who are being mean to you - because if you are a true friend, they will know that this other person is just out of line.
4. Will add to the relationship.  They will not always be taking from you.
5. Will respect you and your morals, even if they are different from theirs.
6. They will not ignore you.  They might get busy, but if they will not purposely avoid you for no reason.

Now think of everything you think a true friend is.  No matter what you can come up with to be mad at them about, most things that would ruin a relationship is premeditated and mean on the other person's part.  That's not a true friend. So you can't lose real ones.  You might both get busy at times and not be able to talk or hang out as much as you used to.  You might have a disagreement or squabble like you do with your family members, but it won't tear you apart.  You shouldn't have to worry about someone lying, being mean, being a bully, being selfish, or being rude to you because a true friend doesn't do that.  If you feel like you are losing a friend, it might be time to question if they are a friend in the first place.  It might just be time to let this friend impostor go.

What do YOU think a true friend is like?
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denny said...

I agree with everything! I consider myself lucky to have the (few) true friends I have right now. The thing about me and friendship is that I don't let people close to me unless I'm sure they are here to stay (because it sucks to lose people but like you said - if they are not here anymore it only means they are not your friends). That's why I have such a short list of real friends and I don't regret it honestly :)

Rissi said...

True friendship is a two-way street. It cannot be all one-sided so that if the relationship comes to a standstill, you recognize that it isn't all on "one" side.

You've got some good thoughts here, Lydia! :-)

Kati said...

I have been fortunate to have several true friends in my life. They are such a blessing!

Lydia said...

@denny: I agree. Sometimes it's best to slow your roll with people, just to not get hurt - because it does STINK when they turn out to not be true. I don't have that many close friends either. My closest is my sister - and I love that!

@Rissi: Definitely! One sidedness (NEW WORD) is so not cool. Thanks, I'm glad you think so! :)

@Kati: That's awesome! It's so great that you've had some awesome friends. They are hard to find, so it IS a blessing. ♥

Allison said...

Love this! it's so true!
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Kelinha said...

Nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? =)

Lydia said...

@Allison: Glad you liked it! ♥
@Kelinha: Sure! :D

Kelinha said...

Sure. Followuing =)

Kristen Rafaelle said...

I love this post. Totally agree. Makes me think of the friends I have now and somewhat compare em if they're true friends.

I only have few friends and I think all of em, well hopefully, are my true friends. :3

Kristen Rafaelle said...

I've followed your blog btw because I find this post very interesting and I think that you've posted a lot of interesting posts more back then. If get a free time, I'll try to read em one by one. xoxo!

Lydia said...

@Kelinha: Okay!
@Kristen: Glad you love this post! I'm sure all of your friends are true. :)) Thanks for following, too! It's awesome that you want to read all of the posts. :D

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

so endearing. true friends may be one the ones you dont always have much in common with or agree with, but you are there for each other and thats all that matters. such a lovely post

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Haruhiism said...

I think you cannot be a good friend if you're just thinking about yourself.
Once I had a (female) friend. She was so cute and pretty, but not really smart. She alway told me that I was her best friend. But then I realised that she knew NOTHING about me. I was always talking about her problems, her life, her boyfriends, her family, etc. She didn't even asked one thing or fact about me in three years. Then some selfish problems about her came up and I had to distance myself from her.
So in my opinion... an egoist can never be a real friend!

So thank you for this post. Really enjoyed reading it.... have to follow!


Lydia said...

this is so true! I've luckily got rid of a lot of people who weren't true friends! ha x


totally agree!

Lydia said...

@Haruhiism: Thanks for sharing your story. I agree - having an egoist as a real friend is really close to impossible. Friendship is a give and take - she should have been asking questions about you, too. Thanks for following! :)

@Lydia: Thanks! Haha me too. :)

@Fashioncontainer: Yay, I'm glad! :D

TheTinyHeart said...

I completely agree! I've had some toxic "friends" and realized they were not a friend at all if they weren't fostering the relationship. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...I'm following now :)

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Biancarosa said...

Definitely agree with this!
I find that those 'wannabe friends' dampen your life, you should always surround yourself with good people because it is without a doubt that even on your worst day you'll always have a good day when you have true friends in your life.


Lydia said...

@Sharon: Toxic "friends" are the worst. Your welcome! Thanks for following me! :D

@Bianarosa: I'm glad you agree! Good friends WILL always be around. Fair-weather friends aren't your true friends. Thanks for the comment! ♥

EMMA said...

I so agree. I love this post!


Lydia said...

Thanks Emma! :D