Sunday, June 24, 2012

Days 21 and 22

  Day 21:Something you know you do differently than other people don't I do differently than other people?
  But one thing that stands out I think the most is the way I am with relationships.  I don't really date - I'm like, a really serious person when it comes to relationships.  I guess I more court people.  My parents are always involved with the guys I've been interested in, and the guys are expected to rise to a certain standard when it comes to interacting with me.  Guys sometimes don't seem to understand why I won't go out with them, because the way I am is very different from the worldly "teenage"  lifestyle.  But I'm looking for Mr. Right...complimenting me and being nice will not automatically make me fall in love with you.  I'm not going to be intimate with you before marriage, except holding hands and maybe kissing once we've been together awhile.  So see, I'm a little more work than a lot of girls.  Which is fine.  Because the guy that's been chosen for me will gladly embrace my lifestyle, my values, and me. :)

  Day 22:  A website 
  My Pinterest!  There is not much on there at all yet lol - mainly just fashion ideas.  But yeah, if you want, follow me! :)

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