Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First post!

Hi everybody! I'm terrible at first posts.... ;_________;
Anyway, this is my new blog (obviously). It's called Eternal Simplicity (also obviously). I created this blog for a few reasons.

1. I wanted to be able to write, and improve my writing.
2. I have been inspired my many other photography blogs so much that I wanted to try my hand at posting my best pictures here.
3. I look at it as a kind of hobby, and something I want to stay dedicated to.

The blog's name came rather suddenly into my mind, but I wanted to represent what I am all about. Because I believe in the one and only God, I've been taught and believe that he wants us to live simply. And since I believe there is a second life, I think he would like it also to live simply; a heavenly, eternal simplicity.

So, this blog is going to be about nice, simple things - things that make you feel happy, inspired, optimistic, grateful. It will give you good music to listen, interesting ideas to think about, and fashion tips that you'll find extremely useful. In short, it will be an expression of everything in my head - which could get scary, but will always be fun.

I welcome advice, suggestions, and of course followers! I hope this blog continues to grow more than I can even imagine.